Skills Measured in Tableau for Certification

Many skills are measured before one can obtain a Tableau Certificate. However, connecting to data and preparing data is the most basic requirement. To split it into categories we can say that it comprises of the below three:

  • Create and Save data connections
  • Modify data connections
  • Manage data properties

Let’s talk about the Second skill set:

Modify data connections

Administrators and data source owners can edit or make changes to published data source information. The connection information explains the data source, its owner, and how to access the data. You can allow users to access the data directly, or you can set it differently so that the user has to sign in. There is an option to change the server name for cloud-based data.

To modify the data, you need to go on the site that has the data source you want to change, open the Explore page, then filter to show All Data Sources. You may use filters to narrow the list if your data is too large. You will then need to choose the checkbox next to the data source you want to update, and then on the Actions menu, you can select ‘Edit Connection’. You can make the necessary changes and then click on ‘save’. You can then refresh the page or press F5 or Ctrl+R for your changes to take reflect.

Adding a Join

There may be a collection of tables that you are required to analyze that are related by specific fields (that is, columns). Joining is a method for combining this data on those standard parameters. The final result of combining data using a join is a virtual table that is extended horizontally by adding columns of data.

Add a blend

Data blending comes in picture when we need to combine data. It helps you to fetch additional information from a secondary data source and present it with data from the primary data source directly in the visualization. Contrary to join, data blending keeps the data sources separate and merely displays their information together. 

Add a union

As a self-explanatory term union means to combine two or more tables by appending values (rows) from one table to another. If you wish to use Union in Tableau data source for your data source, then the tables must come from the same connection.

If you want to know more about the next skill set, kindly go through the next blog to manage data properties.

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