Manage data properties

Managing data properties allows you to rename any data field, assign an alias to a date value, assign a geographic role to a data field, change the data type, or change the default properties altogether.

You can create aliases (alternate names) for members in a dimension so that their labels look different in the view. Aliases creation is for the members of discrete dimensions only. They cannot be created for continuous dimensions, dates, or measures. In the Data pane, right-click a dimension and select Aliases. In the Edit Aliases dialog box, under Value (Alias), choose a member, and enter a new name. Click ‘Ok’ to save the changes.

A geographic role associates each value in a field with a latitude and longitude value. When you assign a geographic role to a field, Tableau assigns latitude and longitude values to each location based on data that is built into the Tableau map server. Assigning a geographic role based on the type of location (such as state versus postcode) helps ensure that your data is plotted correctly on your map view. For example, you can assign the City geographic role to a field that contains a list of city names. In the Data pane, click the data type icon next to the field, select Geographic Role, and then select the geographic role you want to assign to the field.

The Default Properties menu contains default settings for aggregation, comments, number formatting, color, shape, and totals (based on the type of field). You can do the below-mentioned things with it:

Set the default aggregation for a measure

Add default comments for specific fields

Add a default comment for a field

Add a default number format

Set the default color

Set the default shape

You can also set the default sort order for the values within a categorical field apart from these, there are many more skills that are required to clear Tableau Certification. To master them, one needs to practice and upgrade oneself regularly.

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