Tableau_ Live Vs Extract

Live vs Extract

LIVE CONNECTION This refers to a data source which contains direct connections to the real-time data. Live connections can be used at a place where the data is real-time data which when get updated, so our visualization also gets updated automatically. EXAMPLE– real time transactions. Live connections are slower for complex visualizations. Live connections are […]

Benefits Of Leveraging Tableau

Benefits of Leveraging Tableau

In the industry of Business Intelligence, Tableau is growing at the fastest rate, which helps in converting simplifying complex data. It consists of a flexible front-end interface for which it initially gained popularity. The modern data scientists use it for predictive modelling and advanced analytics. You can analyze sophisticated data within minutes in Tableau.   […]


The Story Telling Tool- Tableau

There is no disbelief that numbers are no less fascinating than any other subject. For large scale enterprises numbers reflect what the current state is and what can be the future state. Nonetheless, the achievement of any analytics operation by how it interprets. Data Visualization is the most real way to understand numbers and their connections for […]