Tableau – Installation (Very Easy to Install)

To download The Free Personal Edition of Tableau Desktop you need to click the below link:

You need to fill in your details to be able to download the software.

After downloading, the installation is a very simple process in which you need to accept the license agreement and select the target folder for installation. I will share the steps with the screenshots which will make it very easy for you.

1 – Step:

As soon as you download the set up from the above link it will show you a screen to allow installation process

2 – Step: Accept the License Agreement:

Read the license agreement and if you agree, choose the “I have read and accept the terms of this license agreement” option. Then, click “Install”.

After installation, the screen shows you with the option to Start the

trial now or later. You may select to start it now and if you have purchased Tableau then you may enter the License key. You need to provide your name and other details. Then go ahead with click “Next. Once you fill in all the details , your registration is complete and you are all set to use Tableau.

The following screen will appear once the installation is done successfully.

Now Press Continue and you will be se the tableau Main Screen as below.

Now you are all set to Learn TABLEAU

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