What Tableau offers

There are five different tools offered by Tableau:

1 – Tableau Desktop

2 – Tableau Online

3 – Tableau Server

4 – Tableau Reader

5 – Tableau Public

Now the first two tools which are Tableau Desktop & Tableau online are generally used to create reports and the last three, i.e. Tableau Server, Reader & Tableau public are often used to read & share reports.

Tableau has excellent compatibility with different types of the database which means it can be connected to spreadsheet, database, different cloud applications, moreover, it can add more than 50 databases.

Now whatever reports you create can be read by anyone using different modes as a laptop, phone or a tablet. Tableau shares great compatibility with such devices

Why Tableau:

As Tableau is an intelligent tool, it works on a click. It has excellent speed. You can create any map, chart in a maximum period of 45 sec. It is also a user-friendly tool, anyone with a basic knowledge of computer & Programming can use the tool effectively. It also helps in creating beautiful & creative dashboards which can be quickly published and shared to the different platform. Last but not least, Tableau has got the first place among all the tools present in the market. As per Gartner which analyses different business tools all across the globe has recognized Tableau the Best & Most powerful tool in the market for the last five years.

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