Attractive Data Visualization Examples You Must See

Attractive Data Visualization Examples You Must See

Data Visualization has its charm. You may say numbers are the characters with an exclusive personality, and so is Data Visualization, the story that binds them together! Visualization makes the interpretation simpler for the decision-makers, and also reveals crucial understandings from within the data. Let’s understand the fundamentals now.  

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is a display of data in the graphical format for more natural interpretation so that the people can grasp its significance. 

Why Data Visualization?

The human brain has quicker visual dispensation than mathematical, linguistic, or logical processing. It is aptly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” adds well in this context. To allow businesses, organizations, and people to make ‘sense’ of the correlations amid parameters, numbers, and events. To commence this competently, Data Visualization arises as a boon.  

Each day, heaps of information travels in and out of the human society in the form of structured/unstructured data at the individual, business, and international stages. If one would go to the extents of capturing such data and plotting it over the screen, beautiful patterns and trends emerge. 

Mentioned below are some enchanting and interactive Data Visualization examples inspired by the Real-world. Take a look!

U.S Flight Trends before Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is a time of ecstatic spirits for Americans, and Google Flights will imitate it. On the day before Thanksgiving of 2014, the visualization chart commences capturing the flights-To and From the USA on both Domestic and International directions. As time flies, one can figure out the most prevalent time and day of flights and maximum popular destinations in and outside the nation. This representation is a simple yet powerful example of simple Facts visualization- How things move in a given space within a stipulated time frame. 

You can check out the Data Visual here

World Languages

In our day to day routine, we are too occupied figuring out life, often overlooking about other cultures and tongues that power them. This interactive and astonishing visualization precisely places all the 2678 world languages on the world map. This visualization indicates the most spoken words and in which place. With this graphic, one can explore common language relations and how they propagated into a given area over time. 

This World Languages infographic is a planetary example of Data Storytelling in the best easy-to-interpret format. Check it out here

Bus Bunching

Here is the amusing one for you! You might have used community transit services like the Public buses and MTR systems. Have you ever seen a group of coaches reaching together at the stop when they were to be running at uniformly spaced intervals? Well, this is called ‘Bus Bunching.’ When a single bus gets late even by a small range, the whole route gets affected, and the buses start to the bunch. Therefore, a delay in a single bus leads to stay in others to evade bunching. 

This Data Visualization simulation explains this singularity. One can operate this tiny simulation and delay any of the two buses by any amount of time. They will begin bunching together! The longer the delay is, the quicker the bunching occurs. The shorter the delay, the bunching takes slower to occur. You can rearrange the whole model, keep track of the number of boarding/de-boarding travelers, check out the record of a stop, and play it again. 

You may move ahead and check out the fantastic Data simulation here. Try not to have too much enjoyment!

What is Causing Global Warming?

It is much as this is communicating and fun. The Data Visualization model replicates the negative impact of human actions on the sphere. This Data model published by Bloomberg lures a detailed comparison amid multiple factors that give into the rising temperature on the planet. As the user moves down, the graph passes with different warming elements plotting itself on the screen. All the natural and human-made features are into account. At last, the offender is to be the Greenhouse gases that are responsible for the average global temperature rise. 

In the wake of the recent disbelief against global warming and its dynamic factors, this Data Visual is an evident, apparent, and final piece of years of study that speaks else. Go ahead and check out this infographic here and think of the numbers!

Syrian War Crisis: Friends & Enemies

Syria is one unlucky nation, always in the news for bombings and war crimes disbursed by terrorist organizations, rebels, and resistance forces. However, with the disorder in the story, people find it hard to comprehend as to who is fighting whom. Who is a friend with whom, and who is unbiased towards whom? And therefore, to make it simpler to understand the emergency clearly, this Data Table was produced. It is a firm example Relational table in the context of a current-day problem. 

Check out the table here!

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